Part 3, Chapter 1, From Le Science et Le Bonheur by Georges Lakhovsky, Paris 1930
Translated by Brigitte Donvez, Edited by Thomas Joseph Brown

This part of my study is devoted to the trials, experimentation and applications of the theory of the oscillation of living beings.

I have assembled here short technical reports about the processes and methods employed, as well as a collection of all the papers read at the French Sciences Academy and at various French and foreign Scientific Societies about oscillatory therapeutics and all its domains of application.

We intend fIrst to examine successively the influence of cosmic waves on the oscillation of living cells, taking as a concrete example the influence of solar activity upon the quality of wine and vintage. Then we will examine the construction of an electromagnetic short-wave generator, such as the radio-cellular-oscillator for the treatment of animal and plant organisms.

We will later consider the applications of the radio-cellular-oscillator, particularly in the experimental treatment of plant cancer, diathermy and the artificial production of fever.

Concurrently, we will introduce the application of open oscillating circuits to the treatment of diseases in various living beings, in the absence of any other oscillations but those produced by the natural cosmic and atmospheric waves. We will also review in this chapter the observations of scientists and practitioners who clinically applied my oscillating circuits.

Finally we will take up the very latest applications of oscillating circuits to water and liquid as a function of sterilization, and to the activation of the germinative power of plants.

Obviously, the number of these applications, presently limited to certain domains, tends to rapidly expand and touch upon the various problems presented by therapeutics, biology, agriculture and zoology.

I have discussed elsewhere the role played by cosmic radia­tions in the development of living beings, due to the very oscillatory nature of the cell. Now, as a consequence of the earth's rotation and the stars' reciprocal motion, the cosmic and atmospheric radiation field is not constant, but rather variable. Living beings are subse­quently under the influence of these variable cosmic radiations, whose nature either weakens or strengthens the cell's oscillatory balance.

I have mentioned elsewhere (L 'universion, p.127. Gauthiers Villars publishers) that the lunar radiation interferes with the waves of radio-electric stations. Every week, the recurrence of moon phases enables us to obtain highest and lowest intensities in the reception of electromagnetic waves (see Fig. 1).

Fig. I --Distribution ot electromagnetic waves

On the other hand, the sun does not only send light, heat and actinic (ultra-violet) radiations, but also electromagnetic waves, especially during the eruptive periods of its prominences (sun­spots). The influence of the sun's electromagnetic radiation be­comes obvious if we consider the variations in the earth's magnetic field and the spinning of a compass' magnetic needle during magnetic storms, under the influence of the telluric currents induced in the ground. The ionization produced by the sun's radiation also generates atmospherics and statics which disturb radio-electric receptions.

Astrophysicists, notably those of the Meudon Observatoire under the direction of Mr. Deslandres, have been able to establish a correlation between the periodicity of cataclysms on earth (tidal waves, tides, earthquakes) and that of the recurrence of sunspots in the earth plane (about 27 days).

We can observe that the graphs which render geophysical, electric (ionization, gas conductivity, aurora borealis—northern lights), magnetic (variations of the earth field, compass spinning) and electromagnetic (disturbance in wave propagation, atmospherics and telluric parasites) phenomena, as a function of time, are very appreciably parallel to each other and to the curve of solar activity. An 11 year periodicity appears on these graphs, confirmed by numerous, previous observations in the domain of meteorology. In particular certain tropical rainfall patterns show a 33 to 35 year periodicity, three times longer than the previous one.

I researched the extent to which cosmic radiations which condition physical and meteorological phenomena, also influence biological phenomena and the development of living beings.

As early as 1801, while cosmic radiations were not even suspected, Hershel pointed out: "the scarcity of vegetation when the sun has no spots". Starvations recur every eleven years in India with alternances of heat and rain. From 1901 to 1909, the canon Th. Moreux noticed that the wheat crop in France and in the world more or less followed the solar activity, so did arthritic conditions, and the nervousness of students and teachers.

I compared the graphs of the solar activity, as recorded at the Meudon Observatory, with the statistics of wine production in the Bourgogne and Beaujolais regions, and I noticed that the outstand­ing vintages coincided precisely with the year of recrudescent solar activitY.

On this topic, Professor d'Arsonval agreed to present in my name at the Academie des Sciences (Academy of Sciences) on March 28, 1927, an original report entitled Influence of Cosmic Waves On The Oscillations Of Living Cells which is entirely reproduced here.


(paper by Mr. Georges Lakhovsky, presented on March 28, 1927 to the Academie des Sciences [Academy of Science] by Professor d'Arsonval.)

In my book The Origin of Life. Radiation and Living Beings, that Professor D' Arsonval did me the honor to present to the Academie des Sciences (Academy of Science), at the sitting of the 15th of February 1926, I exposed my theory about the influence of (cosmic) penetrating radiations on living beings. As a matter of fact, I demonstrated that the nucleus of each living cell, having the form of a tubular filament made of a dielectric matter filled with a conductive substance, could be compared to an oscillating circuit, equipped with self-induc­tances, electric resistance and capacity. The living cells can thus oscillate at very high fre­quencies under the influence of cosmic radia­tion emitted by stars.

I made certain to verify the exactness of this theory by studying the influence of cosmic radiations (sun-spots, comets, interferences of stars' radiations, etc...) on biological matter.

My observations were based on the curves recorded by the astrophysicists of the Meudon Observatoire, curves which revealed since 1845 the activities of the sun-spots, the frequency of magnetic disturbances, and the frequency of aurora borealis — northern lights.

These three curves are appreciably parallel. I endeavored to study the existing correlation between these cosmic radiations, on the one hand, and the development of vital activity in the plant and animal domains, on the other. As for any given individual, periods of fatigue and illness alternate with periods of health, in the same way there is, for fruit and crops in general, for each species, years of good quality and years of rather mediocre quality.

As to what concerns wine, according to the documentation established by the Chambers of Commerce of the Bordeaux and Bourgogne regions, I observed that, from 1845 until 1915, the outstanding vintages corresponded exactly to the highest activity of the sun-spots, as shown by the curves on Figure 2.


Figure 2 -- Graph showing the coincidence of outstanding vintages with the intensity of the waves emitted by the sun and corresponding to the variation in intensity: 1) of sun-spots, 2) of earth magnetic disturbances, 3) of polar lights. The graph has been established for red Bordeaux wines; the greatest intensities correspond to the outstanding vintages, the lesser intensities correspond to the years of mediocre wines. We can establish a similar graph for the other vintages, notably Bourgogne and Beaujolais wines.

The results for red Bordeaux wines are:

In addition, let's point out that the wine of 1811 was called the wine of the comet, and we could ascribe its excellent quality to this comet's radiation. It is the same with white Bordeaux and Bourgogne wines.

I am sure that there are many other biological phenomena which recur periodically after a few years or a few centuries as a function of the relative revolution of the earth around the stars. I am convinced that all the scourges which ravaged humanity during the Middle-Ages: plague, leprosy, cholera, etc... and disappeared there­after without traces in other regions will reappear some day, when the earth shall once more occupy the same position as then in relation to the stars, producing thus by interference with the cosmic waves the same oscillatory imbalances of the cells, which at that time, had produced these same diseases.

Fortunately till then, thanks to the oscillating circuits and the new methods that scientific discoveries will put to our disposal without delay, we'll be in a position to fight victoriously against these illnesses provoked by the interference of the stars' radiations.


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